Eric Pulier: The Mind of a Master Thinker

The technology industry is one of the most fascinating, profitable and popular industries on earth. This field of work is very complex as well as demanding. The 21st century is the prime example of what this exclusive industry can achieve. One of the top technologists in the world is Eric Pulier. No, he’s not an everyday household name, but he’s done some amazing things for society. This guy is the real deal, especially when it comes to creating things. Pulier uses his brilliant way of thinking to come up with brilliant solutions. He has worked in numerous fields such as government, technology and healthcare. One of his first professional companies was known as People Doing Things. This company used advanced technology to solve common issues in education and healthcare. He also started one of the very first private social media networks. This was known as Starbright World, and it helped to connect chronically ill children via technology. The children could now share their feelings and perspectives with one another, which helped to raise the moral.

Eric Pulier has a brilliant way of thinking and it has always been that way since he was a child. In just the fourth grade, Pulier programmed his first computer. His high school years were no different as he founded computer database company. Thanks to his high intellect and high test scores, Harvard University came calling. Pulier attended Harvard between the years of 1984-1988. He majored in English Literature as well as studying at MIT. Talk about a full schedule. On top of that, this guy wrote a column for the prominent Harvard Crimson publication. He just so happened to be the editor at this school’s prominent daily newspaper.

Pulier is a very successful businessman, and he has become very wealthy over the years. His love for technology has allowed him to invest millions into tech startup companies, and many of these companies have gone on to become a success. He’s simply the guy with the magic touch. As of today, Pulier resides in Los Angeles, California, where he is currently raising is four children.

About Eric Pulier: