Doe Deere: Lime Crime’s Creative Mind


Even though Lime Crime Cosmetics started small in 2008, it has quickly become a source of fresh ideas for the makeup industry. Company founder Doe Deere launched Lime Crime with a clear vision in mind. She wanted to offer vibrant, eye-catching colors online that were so difficult to find on retail store shelves. Even after being told that sales of cosmetics over the internet would never take off, she transformed her business into an innovative success with fans across the world.


Deere paved the way for her success when Lime Crime developed the on-lip lipstick swatch. To solve the problem of women not being able to test lipstick when purchasing it over the internet, the swatch showed what different colors looked like on actual lips instead of just paper. Lime Crime continues to focus on offering new approaches to e-commerce as online sales keep growing. Deere said she believes they can rival traditional brick-and-mortar stores as long as products are presented to customers in the right way.


Lime Crime’s success owes in part to Deere’s uncompromising ideas of what it should stand for. She said that beauty is not merely a matter of appearance, but also includes what feels right to each individual. With that in mind, Lime Crime produces cosmetics in bold colors to allow the greatest self-expression possible. All of the cosmetic products it offers are vegan and cruelty-free to avoid harming animal life.


Traditional corporate tactics often lead to stressed employees and a stifling of new viewpoints. Deere keeps her company creative and lively by using a different approach. She said that a modern business leader needs to treat employees, vendors, and business partners with the respect they deserve. As part of her compassionate worldview, Deere regularly donates to a local no-kill animal shelter in New York.


Presenting an authentic experience to her customers is just as important; Deere still tests out products herself before allowing them to go into commercial production. As of 2014, Lime Crime has bolstered its online security features and hired customer care associates to respond to questions over social media. Providing imaginative products and quality service are the two key factors of the company’s approach to its customer base.