Lovaganza : A New Way of Life

Lovaganza is a one of a kind Bohemian theatrical experience. With the year 2017 drawing upon us, people are starting to talk about the impact that a show like Lovaganza can have on the world. This show is a chance for audiences everywhere to experience a multitude of cultures in one show! It is a one of a kind entertainment brand on Wikidot.com that has a purpose to bring different cultures and backgrounds together from around the world. The show will travel the world. The creators of the company hope to bring an abundance of Peace and Abundance for all.

The mission of Lovaganza is to give audiences an interactive experience that will share different cultures of the world. It is Lovanganza’s goal that with this meeting audiences will get a better idea of how we are all united together. Countries that are represented are Africa, Europe, America, Asia, and the Middle East. The company has created a nine film trilogy that will change the way audiences view film everywhere. Lovaganza hopes to evolve from a movie experience, but to a way of life. The creators would like it to eventually evolve into a culture. The culture will encourage a different way of thinking.

Audience members may have an awakening during the experience that will motivate them to explore new areas of the world and meet new people. The film on instagram.com experience will also educate viewers on other clothing, food, and customs of those in other parts of the world.

During Lovaganza films audiences will get to time travel through different parts of the world. The movies will be created by Immerscope and will run from the months of May to September of the year 2020.

Immerscope of the production company that runs the show. Immerscope has been known for their different movies, shows, exhibits, attractions, etc that bring audiences directly into the experience. Immerscope prides themselves on creating an immersive experience for audiences.

Listed below are the three main celebrations that Lovaganze will be having:
2020 for Unity
2025 for Peace
2030 for Abundance

The tour dates for 2020 were released in August 2016.

Lovaganza Announces New Celebration Dates

Lovaganza from Colin Hesterly on Vimeo.

Inspired by the past that brings on waves of nostalgia from the Wolrd’s Fairs, Lovaganza 2020 is gearing up for its next international celebration. This event is scheduled to take place from May to September of 2020, in eight different locations from all over the world. The locations for Lovaganza 2020 include America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and Oceania. The fourth-month celebration will end with a never before done Hands Across the World ceremony.

These celebrations will include many bedazzling and groundbreaking shows put on by many different cultures from all around the world. Plus there will be other attractions that range from motion pictures to immersive attractions to exhibitions and live events. The theme for every location of Lovaganza 2020 will be a Bohemian adventure.

This worldwide event was actually scheduled to take place in 2015. But the celebrations have been pushed back five years to make better use of many of the new entertainment technologies. Which means that they will be incorporating all these new cutting-edge concepts. Using these new concepts will help make Lovaganza 2020 become a better more immersive experience of different world cultures.

There will a Traveling Show, that will hit the road in 2017. This show will be used to help promote the 2020 celebrations, as well as spreading the word on what the Lovaganza mission is all about. The Traveling Show will also present a small sample of the cinematic glasses-free 3D immersive experience that has never before been seen. The unveiling of glasses-free 3D will then be followed by the release of three major motion pictures. The motion pictures will be debuted in the Lovaganza traveling pavilions for the new glass-less 3D. But do not worry the movies will also be released in standard 3D and 2D theaters on euroweeklynews.com. As an added bonus, the film trilogy will be viewed using the Immerscope screens. These screens are able to create a never before seen immersive cinematic experience. Footage of this film trilogy has already begun shooting in many countries across the world, which includes France, Spain, the United States, and will shortly start filming in Africa.

Lovaganza is split into two different structures; one is for profit and is called the Lovaganza Entertainment Franchise. This franchise is geared towards delivering entertainment on a global level. The second part is a non-profit that is called The Lovaganza Foundation. This foundation is used to create a positive impact that supports global initiatives all around the world.

Learn more about Lovaganza: http://www.lovaganza.com/the-foundation.html