Bob Reina is Passionate About Making the World a Better Place

Sending videos today is as easy as sending an email, and Talk Fusion is making it even easier and with clear-cut and higher-quality videos than ever before. Last month, Talk Fusion released a new addition to their video email app.


Talk Fusion, one of the leading international video communication companies recently won an award for the 2016 Wert Product of the Year, and that has lead to the worldwide success of this new app.


Bob Reina, the founder and acting CEO is a leader with a passion for helping others both within the video communication industry and as a philanthropist. Reina created Talk Fusion out of his own need to send a 10-second video in 2004. He couldn’t find a company that could do it, so he and his tech-savvy friend spent the next three years developing a high-quality, extremely high-tech video email. In 2007, Talk Fusion was born.


Within the year, Talk Fusion video communications program was accepted around the world as a premier video company. Soon, additional programs were added, and today an elite package called All-in-One Solutions is available. This package includes Video Chat, Video Newsletters, Live Meetings for e-conferences, Chat-up Forms, and in-program analytical program as well as the original Video Email.


Bob Reina has a unique and powerful way of leading the company. His motto is “With great success comes greater responsibility,” he helps his team and his customers. Mr. Reina also reaches out to those in the community as Talk Fusion grows. Last year, Mr. Reina donated $1 million to the Tampa Bay Humane Society to build a rescue shelter to save the strays in the area, and he regularly donates to a children’s orphanage in Indonesia.


But, Reina also wants to be an example for his team members, and display the joy of giving. Because of his love for non-profits, he gives each of his staff an All-in-One Solutions package and allows them to select their favorite non-profits to give it to – absolutely free. Bob Reina is a passionate entrepreneur and a philanthropist at heart, which affects everything he touches.