The Man Behind The Human Rights Foundation

A Personal Cause

Throughout his entire life the issues surround human rights have occupied the center of Thor Halvorssen’s life. He has experienced firsthand the effects authoritarian governments often have on the citizens they govern. He has seen family members arrested on false charges and executed in the streets by violent supporters of dictators.

With so many personal experiences with dictatorships it was only natural for Halvorssen to found the Human Rights Foundation. Using this organization as a platform he has helped the fight for democracy and freedom in his home country of Venezuela and abroad.

Putting Humanity First

According to Forbes, in his line of work Thor Halvorssen takes a provide risk to his and his loved ones’ personal safety. Anyone taking even a cursory look at the history of Halvorssen’s service as president of the Human Rights Foundation makes the sort of risk he endures clear.

After interviewing the head of a major Buddhist temple in Vietnam Thor Halvorssen was arrested by the authorities. Threatened by the possibility that the words of a powerful opponent of the regime might stir things Halvorssen remained behind bars until he was able to convince authorities that he went to the temple to convert to Buddhism.

What’s At Stake

According to Halvorssen 35% of the world lives under a dictatorship. He is fighting against something many people simply accept as a basic part of life. One of the most important ways he does this is through the use of film. Dictators often use cinema as a way to espouse their ideals and promote acceptance of the status quo. Read more: Thor Halvorssen | LinkedIn

By capturing the problems of dictatorships on film he vindicates the oppressed and rallies support for those resisting authoritarianism. If the success of the Human Rights Foundation proves anything it proves that his approach is working.