Tidal is a major player in the streaming marketplace

Music changes the way we perceive the world. Millions of people start their day by listening to music, and throughout the day, music pushes us through. Many people cannot imagine living a single day without their music, but the way we consume music is evolving. People are turning towards streaming services to get the music they want when they want it. There are several amazing streaming services, but one service is changing the way artists are paid for the better. Tidal is having a tremendous impact because it is mostly artist owned.

Tidal launched several years ago. The company was lead by Jay-Z and several other artists that work closely with this iconic rapper. The road was rocky at first, but the ship has begun to right itself. Several key album releases have helped the service grow in popularity. Kanye, Rihanna, and Beyonce have all released albums through the service allowing the company to grow. The Tidal App is now one of the most popular apps in the Google Play and iTunes stores. Many wonder who is leading this company to it’s record breaking success. Jay-Z is extremely busy producing music, so surely someone else is working on the project. Fortunately, Jay-Z has several brilliant businessmen on his side, and the smartest businesswoman is Desiree Perez.

Desiree Perez (or Des) has a rich history of completing shrewd business deals, and many report that she now leads Tidal. She was a leader in organizing Beyonce’s incredible Formation Tour, which is still amazing people around the country. She also helped Rihanna secure an incredible deal from Samsung. Her work speaks for itself, and she is glad to be part of the Tidal family.

Des has been a major player in Jay-Z’s team for many years. She’s helped Roc Nation become the biggest name in rap, and she has helped the various wings of the company reach new heights. Leading Tidal is her pride and joy though.

Tidal is slowly reaching new music consumers around the world. Young people love the artists featured on Tidal already, and the firm has signed agreements with several classic artists. Shortly before his death Prince made the service the sole source of streaming Prince albums. The service recently made it easier to discover new artists via Tidal Discovery. Many people consider Tidal a major player in the streaming marketplace.

Desiree Perez is an amazing leader and Tidal is proud to have her on their side.