Spreading The Kabbalah Wisdom

Kabbalah means to receive. It is an ancient knowledge that reveals how life and the universe operate. Kabbalah has its religious origin as an important part of Judaism as well as Christianity and other adaptations. Its definition heavily relies on the objectives of the people that follow it and their tradition. Therefore, Kabbalah is a combination of esoteric teachings. They are meant to explain the connection between an eternal, unchanging, mysterious infinity, and the mortal as well as God’s creation.

However, Kabbalah is not a religious denomination despite of it being used extensively by a number of denominations. It creates the basis for mystical religious interpretation. Kabbalah aims to elaborate on the nature of the human being and the universe. Additionally, it seeks to explain the purpose and nature of existence. Kabbalah offers ways to help in comprehending the concepts that lead to spiritual realization. It is regarded as a necessary element in the study of Torah by its followers. The study of Kabbalah has been carried out for many years. Presently, there are a number of organizations that offer courses in Kabbalistic teachings. The Kabbalah Centre is one of these organizations.

About the Kabbalah Centre
The Kabbalah Centre is a non-profit organization that has headquarters in Los Angeles, California. It presents courses on the Zohar along with Kabbalistic teachings via its regional as well as city base centers. The Kabbalah Centre also offers online teachings to study groups globally. Philip Berg, the head of the Kabbalah is responsible for the current presentation of Kabbalah. He was assisted by his partner, Karen Berg. The centre has an international staff comprised of multi-ethnic teachers that provide training and guidance to its global student community.

Presently, The Kabbalah Centre is the leading international organization that is devoted to spreading the wisdom of Kabbalah. Its main objective is to offer people the necessary tools and wisdom that can assist them in enhancing their lives and eliminate chaos. The Kabbalah Centre, a recognized source of Kabbalistic wisdom operates in 50 locations across the world. Over 5,000 people study each week. The centre gives physical locations as well as online learning that provides lectures, books, prayer services, DVD’s, CD’s, and downloads.

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