The Wen by Chaz 7-day Hair Experiment

Wen by Chaz infomercials depicts beautiful models with luxurious hair that could make any woman believe that if they bought and used their-their cleansing conditioners, they would have hair just like the women shown on TV. To find out just how good Wen cleansing conditioners work, a seven-day experiment was undertaken, by a young woman named Emily, who wanted to find out for herself if Wen cleansing conditioners were really magic in a bottle.
WEN cleansing conditioners are basically an all-in-one shampoo, conditioner, and styling treatment and despite hearing of some rarely reported negative side-effect, Emily decided to try the Fig version as it promised to provide her thin hair with moisture, bounce, and shine.

One day one of the experiment, Emily used the recommended amount of cleansing conditioner even though it seemed like a very large amount for the amount of hair she had. Her concern was that her hair would get weighed down. After massaging the product into her hair and scalp, Emily was surprised to discover that it felt like she actually had more hair and noticed fewer strands were falling out as she showered. A big change from her usual shampoo. After drying her hair, she noticed it already looked shiny and had more bounce.

On day three, Emily used the Wen cleansing conditioner again and was pleased by the results despite her hair feeling rather oily on the second day of the experiment. Throughout the day her hair looked shiny and healthy but a little flat which was normal for her type of hair. Overall she was impressed with the product.

By the last day of the experiment, Emily concluded that the Wen cleansing conditioner is great for people with thin hair if they make a point to shower and style their hair each morning. Since Emily is not the type of person who likes to spend time styling and managing her hair on a daily basis, then it was kind of a love/hate relationship, but she would definitely use the product again for the days she wants extra shine and luster. Like the Wen Facebook page and subscribe to the Wen YouTube channel to be updated.

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