Political Gathering To Be Headlined By George Soros

The shock following the election of Donald Trump to the Presidency of the U.S. continues to be seen across the country and the world, but Democrat’s who backed Hillary Clinton are already planning their next moves with a planned meeting now taking on extra significance. The gathering of the Democracy Alliance on cnbc.com will take place over three days in Washington D.C. where major figures from the Democratic Party, such as Elizabeth Warren and Nancy Pelosi will mingle with some of the largest donors to the party.

The extra significance this meeting planned before the election took place has taken been seen with a major change made to the planned schedule of events as George Soros has agreed to a meeting with the group that has been in existence since 2005. Soros is himself a member of the Democracy Alliance group, but rarely attends or speaks at such high profile events on NYbooks.com. Soros has been extremely vocal in his opposition to the possibility of a President Trump, and his decision to speak at the event could be seen as the business leader who invested around $25 million in the 2016 election cycle continuing his opposition. The announcement of the appearance of George Soros came the morning after the election and will see him join with major Democrat donors to discuss what comes next for a party that is looking for leadership in Congress.

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A major aspect of the appearance of George Soros at the Democracy Alliance event came with the release of a small biography accompanying the “Conversation with George Soros” segment of the meeting; Soros highlighted his life story living under Nazi occupation in Hungary during World War II, and the years after the War that saw Communist rule continue the oppression his family lived under.

George Soros has continued to fight against oppressive and unfair regimes throughout his life and began his Open Society Foundations charity as a way of fighting South Africa’s Apartheid in the 1980s. The success George Soros has achieved in the hedge fund industry that allowed him to become one of the richest people in the world is small when compared to the success he has achieved in bringing democracy to the majority of the former Soviet eastern bloc.

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