Cotemar-The Leader in Oil and Gas Operations

Cotemar, a service firm in the energy industry, was founded in 1979. Since its establishment, Cotemar has transformed into a well-known oil and gas offshore service provider. Its services extend to oil and gas services for Petroleos Mexicanos.

History of Cotemar

When Cotemar began its operations, it only offered catering and accommodation services. In addition, it offered specialized services to certain vessels. The firm continued to gain ground in this industry by offering more services such as transporting people and materials.

Later, Cotemar started to not only offer accommodation services but also introduce food in its services. In the year 1998, Cotemar expanded even more to offer construction and maintenance services on on a number of special vessels as well as 5 rigs. Some time later, Cotemar, together with COSCO, started building semi-submersible rigs. The firm also brought in special hoists to transport both solid and liquid materials.

In 2016, Servicios a la Industria Petrolera Lifting de Mexico, a subsidiary of Cotemar, got the contract (Cuichapa Poniente) located in Moloacan, Mexico.

The Values of Cotemar

The firm Cotemar has a goal of ensuring that integrity is achieved in all the services it offers on Indeed. The firm works in an ethical, honest and consistent manner both inside and outside the organization. Cotemar is a very reliable firm. This firm sees to it that it meets all its clients’ and community’s needs. Lastly, Cotemar is one of the most reliable firms in this industry. It consistently generates different options of catering and accommodation to create value for its services. This is what makes the firm stand out among others in this industry.

Services Offered at Cotemar

There are 3 categories of services offered at Cotemar. They are construction, food and accommodation, and maritime vessels. Cotemar’s construction services include rehabilitating and maintaining oil manufacturing facilities as well as rigs for offshore items on Cotemar’s special marine vessels offer accommodation to about 800 guests. When the demand for semi-submersible rigs goes up, the vessels can be taken to the different locations where needed. Cotemar is competitive because of its great services in accommodation and catering. Among the services they offer are laundry, cleaning of bedding and main cabin areas, and nourishment. The vessels for accommodation have cabins that hold up to 4 people. There are recreational facilities such as gym, TV rooms, basketball court and cinema. Cotemar’s vessels’ and rigs’ in-house capacity with accommodation and offshore catering is at least 4000 guests. Reference: