The Value of Cutting Costs

The future of the business Market within the United States is proportional to how well individual businesses do within the failing economy. Every time the business has a certain cost that needs to be made it cuts into profit for that company.

This includes production cost in the creation of products, as well as employee wages. Business meetings are one such cost, which is important for new networking and building rapport with other business associates. Business deals and corporations often rely on these types of meetings and therefore it is very important to make sure that these businesses are successful in their attempts.

Unfortunately many of these meetings cost a large sum of money, sometimes costing hundreds if not thousands of dollars each. In order to try and cut these costs entrepreneurial genius Billy has recently created a discount and social network platform called Magnises.

Members of this program are able to take advantage of a metal card that can be used as a payment method within business meeting locations. According to CNBC and Business Insider, the card created by Billy McFarland acts as a normal credit card, is linked to a personal bank account, and automatically takes away discounted amounts of money from the total overall price of the services.

This program is important for companies, especially newly-formed ones, to make Headway with in the business world. By cutting costs on business meetings companies are able to place this money into different areas, such as methods to expand the company and for production costs. Extra money often means extra levels of progress for a company this is really good news for any Corporation who is currently looking to find ways to save a dollar.

In his quest to find a way to save consumers a high level of money on activities and events such as bars, restaurants, cruises and concerts, it would seem that businesses are the ones who will fare the most from it. Well this program is only found currently in domestic areas of the United States is international implementation would be valuable to look into for the future.