Jason Hope believes that life expectancy is nowhere near its ceiling

Over the last few decades, there has been much speculation among scientists as to what the ceiling for human life expectancy is. Cases like that of Jeanne calmest, live to the age of 122 years old, strongly suggest that current life expectancies are nowhere near the maximum ceiling. In fact, many scientists have suggested that life expectancy of humans has far greater potential than has been achieved thus far. With optimal care and, perhaps, through such novel technologies as genetic engineering, many biologists believe that the human life ceiling can be extended to 125 years and beyond.

Jason Hope is one of America’s most accomplished internet entrepreneurs. Across a career spanning decades, he has founded some of the most innovative companies in the history of technology. These include such stunning as successes as Jawa, the first premium mobile content streaming service, which was able to beat Apple and the iTunes store to their own business model by more than 10 years.

Hope has long held an intense interest in medicine, particularly in the ability of science to stave off the effects of aging, potentially leading to a dramatic increase in human life expectancy. Recently, Hope recently announced that he had donated more than $500,000 to the SENS Foundation, one of the most prestigious private medical research organizations in the United States today. Hope has stated that the majority of this money will go to atherosclerosis research, a disease responsible for the vast majority of deaths in the United States.

Atherosclerosis is directly responsible for the majority of cases of coronary artery disease and heart attack in the United States. But it is also responsible for diseases ranging from kidney failure to peripheral artery disease as well as stroke and cerebral hemorrhages. Hope has even more profound reasons for funding atherosclerosis than merely the elimination of these diseases. Hope believes that if modern science is able to understand the processes that lead to atherosclerosis formation at the molecular level, that knowledge may be successfully transferred to other fields, enabling physicians to wield new tools in the fight against many of the diseases associated with advancing age.

As an avid reader of the medical literature, Hope has long been aware that the same molecular processes associated with the formation of atherosclerosis are strongly associated with other disease processes, such as arthritis, glaucoma and even the wrinkling of skin. It is this insight that has led him to believe that it may be possible to eliminate all of these diseases.

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Jason Hope Sharing his Insight on the Internet of Things Technology

Jason Hope is one of the leading personalities in the world of technology-based in Scottsdale, Arizona. He is a multi-talented personality and is an author, philanthropist, serial entrepreneur, and a speaker. He has completed his graduation from the Arizona State University with major in Finance and completed Masters in Business Administration from the WP Carey School of Business. As a technology enthusiast, he plunged into the business world right after his studies and started a technology firm named Jawa, which is a technology firm dealing mainly in online marketing, mobile application development, and mobile technology. He has co-founded many other mobile technology companies and continues to invest in technology start-ups and entrepreneurs in which he feels confident about.

Jason Hope has tremendous insight and knowledge in the field of technology, and it is visible from the articles he writes regularly online. He loves to stay updated about what is happening in the area of technology and provides his expert opinion for public’s reference as to what the future trend in the world of technology would be like. One of his recent fascinations from the world of technology is the Internet of Things technology. The Internet of Things technology is a new yet highly functional technology that has the potential to blanket all the other conventional technologies used by the people today. In this technology, different devices would be interconnected through the shared network that would make the flow of communication between them highly seamless efficient. Thus, different devices would be able to function collaboratively as a unit, which can be used practically in many industries and even in the personal life of the people.

Jason Hope is excited about the fact that many Internet of Things enabled devices have already started to flood the market, and he informed in one of the recent articles that the trend would continue till it takes over the conventional technology entirely. In the aviation industry and the field of transportation, the Internet of Things technology already has been implemented on primitive levels successfully. It is helping in increasing the efficiency of the aviation industry and helps the transportation sector to manage traffic with ease. The people would be able to get traffic based information in real time with the support of IoT technology.

Jason Hope is also a well-known philanthropist in the United States and has done a lot to empower the local communities in Arizona. He is associated with many small and large scale charities in Arizona and the rest of the country. Jason Hope is also associated with the SENS Research Foundation to which he donates to generously. SENS Research Foundation is involved in researching on how to extend the average lifespan of a human being, and Jason Hope believes that the breakthrough is possible shortly.

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