Brian Bonar Up For Prestigious Award

The world business is one that demands leaders. People who can demonstrate leadership skills are those who will flourish and do well. This is a concept that Brian Bonar certainly understands quite well. He knows how important it is to strive for excellence at all times. Bonar is the Chairman and the Chief Executive Officer of Dalrada Financial Corporation, one of the most respected companies in the United States. In this capacity, he has demonstrated time and again that he really cares about is customers and wants to push his team members to do their best.

Being Rewarded For Excellence

It is in recognition of this devotion to such goals and his willingness to put in extra time and help others that he has been named Cambridge Who’s Who® Executive of the Year. His award is in the field of finance, a field he has long adored. Those who watch the field know well that inclusion in the Registry is an honor in of itself.

However, those who watch the field also know that only four people are given this further honor. Two female members as well as two male members in each of the discipline will be named executives of the year by the organization and that’s it.

Special Honorees

The selection committee at Cambridge makes the choice to pick such special honorees based on certain criteria. Such criteria are determined well in advance. They typically include the honoree’s professional accomplishments n the field over a period of time.

They also include other aspects such as the honoree’s academic achievements and their obvious and demonstrated leadership abilities. This allows the committee members to adhere to a specific set of objective criteria. Many honorees are delighted to discover their work has been recognized and rewarded by such a highly prestigious organization.

Years Of Entrepreneurship

Bonar is a highly trained professional businessman with years of experience in the field. He earned a doctorate that allowed him to offer insights into the field that others may not quite see. In the last few years, he has chosen to turn his attention away from the world of academics and to the world of business.

In doing so, he has made a huge success of the world that is his today. His latest venture into the field of business and employee benefits has been quite successful, earning him the admiration of his peers.

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Doe Deere: From Russia To Lime Crime With Love And Crazy Beautiful Makeup Palettes


Doe Deere and Lime Crime are two unique names that stand out anywhere you place them. She was born in Russia with a longer name, so Doe Deere doesn’t mind using this catchy moniker, and as far as Lime Crime goes, the name has stuck, and darn it, it works, too.

Doe Deere founded her makeup company Lime Crime in 2008 by dreaming large and remaining true to herself. She later moved with her family to New York City and took her fantasy with unicorns and vividly wild colors with her. It was there in the Big Apple that Doe Deere began building her career.

Doe Deere first started out in a band where she met her future husband, and they collaborated with music writing and learned that they got along beautifully. Sky Salt was classified as a fairy tale rock band.

Doe Deere later found her niche in makeup when she couldn’t hunt down the bright lipsticks and eye shadows she adored. So, the savvy businesswoman began creating her own cosmetics line called Lime Crime.

It wasn’t the fastest rise to the top, but Doe Deere believed in slow and steady wins the race and has now pushed her unique makeup company into the mainstream, where young women and men, too, can define their personal beauty.

The giant makeup companies have long stayed in the tradition of safe cosmetics, in shades of beiges, peaches, pinks and a few bold colors. Women put on makeup like a uniform, but Lime Crime’s experience is unlike the others. Women can play with lots of unusual makeup looks and then post them on to Lime Crime’s Instagram. Doe Deere likes to engage her many rabid makeup fans who aren’t afraid to play with radical colors.

Lime Crime makeup is not for the faint of heart, not with bright blue or squash-colored lipsticks and brick red eye shadows. This is modern, edgy makeup that is finally getting the respect it deserves. When Katy Perry is rockin’ a tube of Lime Crime lipstick, then you know Doe Deere has hit the big time.

Doe Deere believes that Lime Crime makeup is all about freedom to be you without regrets. As people, she says, we all express ourselves through our makeup, clothing and hair. It’s really alright to create your own look without fear of judgment.

Lime Crime is based out of Los Angeles.

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Actress Crystal Hunt Always Finds Way to Impress

Since 2003, actress Crystal Hunt has been a standard presence in American homes. She started out as the sweet, yet troubled, teen Lizzie Spaulding in the longest running daytime soap Guiding Light. Although her time on the show was relatively short, only lasting until 2005, she never completely left public’s eye. Branching out into film, IMDb shows that Hunt found her stride alongside Zac Efron in The Derby Stallion (2005) and explored her comedic side with Amanda Bynes in Sydney White (2007).

Hunt dabbled in reality television until landing a successful long-term role on another major drama series, One Life to Live, in 2009. She was excited to return to the world of soap operas and remained on the show until 2012. While many actors and actresses struggle to maintain momentum, Hunt was always looking for creative ways to keep moving forward. In 2015, she joined the cast of Queens of Drama, which featured six proud soap stars trying to get their own series pitched and produced by the end of the show’s season. It has yet to be determined whether or not the show will be continued, but Hunt is not taking break.

While waiting for the next season of Queens of Drama, she decided to try out a new role as an executive producer. Talbot County is the first feature film she has produced and is currently in post-production.

Despite her celebrity status, Hunt keeps to her roots. She is close to her family and is open about it on her social media accounts. She also spends her time away from the film and broadcast industries by supporting charity events, such as the 2015 Dinner with the Pros, which she most recently attended.
Although Hunt doesn’t have any immediate plans for what’s next, given her track record there are a wide variety of possibilities to expect.  Be sure to check out her official photography page.