Jason Hope Donates to SENS Foundation

Jason Hope is aware that people must age. However, he believes that the aging process does not have to come with different disorders such as diabetes. Jason Hope is offering help to medical professionals to work towards the objective of efficiently treating age-related disorders. Therefore, the old people dealing with age-related disorders don’t have to despair anymore. Young people are more likely to avoid these issues unlike the ones already coping with the aging effects. That is why Jason Hope has taken up the task of taking preventative measures to curb possible disorders.

Jason notes that people are waiting until they get the diseases to get treatment, and the treatment methods are very reactive. Some people don’t have access to diagnosis, so they struggle with these illnesses without treatment. Fortunately, Jason Hope is encouraging medical professionals to take into consideration more proactive measures for treating diseases. Jason is hoping to prevent diabetes among other illnesses through his involvement with the SENS Foundation.

Jason Hope notes that he decided to get involved with SENS Foundation and invest in it because he believes in their work. He wants to assist SENS Foundation in their path towards improving the health of people. SENS Foundation is not all about financial investments. Therefore, Jason is reaching out to people to join the foundation so that they join the goal of making the future brighter where people maintain their health using rejuvenation biotechnologies. Jason points out that the body slowly gets damaged through normal processes such as metabolism, which leaves it vulnerable to some diseases.

About Jason Hope

Jason is a well-known futurist who has a passion for technology. He watches the sector and comes up with predictions about the future of technology. Jason is the inventor of the Internet of Things (IoT). He notes that IoT enables several devices to connect with each other, which makes work easier and more efficient than before.

Jason Hope brings ideas to life by keeping things basic and avoiding complicated ideas because he believes they waste time and encourage failure. He is also excited about IoT because Jason says that great products will be released in 2017, which will make most homes to embrace the technology. Hope likes to envision his ideas from a greater long-term view without doubting his abilities. Besides, he advises entrepreneurs to look at the greater picture and avoid being obsessed with small details.

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If You Are Marketing to Young People, Follow the Lead of Fabletics

Brands are using more and more user reviews on their websites. User reviews have seen more growth than all the other website features. The question is why? What is so important about user reviews that brands are running after them?


Fabletics has been using user reviews to their advantage. Through the power of the crowd and user reviews, Fabletics has managed to grow their business at a rate of two hundred percent since they first launched, catapulting them into a business that is worth two hundred and fifty million dollars and has over one million paying subscribers who are currently active.


The reason for this is that customers are starting to care more and more about online reviews. With the internet at everyone’s fingertips, customers are reading online reviews more than ever. They are researching products before they buy them. A study done by Vibes found that sixty five percent of the time, when customers do searches on the internet in a store before purchasing a product, it is not to do price comparisons, but rather to look for and read online reviews of the product. This may mean that customers care more about a product’s reputation than they care about whether they can find a cheaper alternative or not.


Every business can have its bottom line improved by online reviews. It will cause you to rank higher in the search engines, which will bring you more visitors, more exposure, and more sales. It is a great customer strategy to invest in getting high quality positive online reviews, as you will drive more sales, bring in more customers, increase the loyalty of your customers in you, and get more repeat customers.


Both MOZ and the Local SEO Guide did studies, where they found that positive reviews can help a business rank higher in local search results. This referred to both the organic search results that came up when people were looking for good local businesses on Google and the three pack that appears at the top of the search results when someone searches for a business. If you get reviews on sites such as Trustpilot which are partners with Google, the positive reviews can help improve your Google Seller Rating. It is important to have one, as the companies that have a Google Seller Rating tend to get a higher click through rate of around seventeen percent when it comes to pay per click advertising. Another reason you should have online reviews on your website is that you can use Schema markups to display the average rating next to your website snippet when it appears in the search results. This will lead to higher click through rates, which can lead to higher rankings.


Kate Hudson has been endorsing Fabletics for a long time. Unlike other celebrities, it is not hard to envision Kate Hudson actually wearing their products. That is one reason why she was chosen to represent Fabletics. Her style and tone match theirs. Take the Fabletics lifestyle quiz when you get a chance.

Philanthropic and Career Accomplishment of Tony Petrello

Tony is renowned for his enormous contribution to supporting good courses and also the accomplishments in his career as the chief executive officer of Nabors industry. Anthony attended Yale University in regards to education in attaining his bachelor’s degree in mathematics and a master’s degree in mathematics. He also joined in the Harvard law school and finished with a Juris Doctor.

Anthony started his career when he joined the Baker and McKenzie law firm in 1979 where he engaged in international arbitration, general corporate law, and taxation litigations. After putting in hard work, he rose to the position of a managing partner in 1986. He worked for few other years with dedication until the year 1991 when he resigned from his post in the law firm.

Tony’s career took another turn as he was one of the elected members of the Nabors Board of Directors, following election to the Executive Committee board. His role in the two boards was very significant as he became the deputy chairman in 2003. His determination yielded fruits when he finally became the chief executive officer of the company in 2011. Since he became the CEO, the company experienced a tremendous increase in the market shares amounting to a rise of one hundred and eighty percent. Nabors industry limited is currently the largest land-based drilling company in the world with offshore drilling rigs in the international market.

Apart from his career endeavors, Tony has been very significant in the philanthropic field. After the birth of his daughter, Cerena, she was diagnosed with condition referred to as periventricular leukomalacia. Cerena is the parent’s significant motivation in the philanthropic efforts to find the best remedy to assist the children suffering from the same disorder as Cerena. His daughter’s ordeal was the turning point in Tony’s life.

Tony resorted to looking for research institution that could help his daughter and other children with the similar condition find a remedy, which would allow them to live comfortably and achieve their dreams. After a while, he noted that no research institution focused on studying the brain. Anthony sought to settle with Texas Children Hospital while supporting and funding research at Neurological Research Institute of Texas. He donated $ 7 million to the Texas Children Hospital to help in the study in 2006. Furthermore, Tony also contributed $ 150 to an award for a math professor at Yale University and promised to add to others for the prize to amount to $450.

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