Class Dojo Is Doing Their Utmost To Improve Students Learning Capabilities

There are many students out there in schools across the world that are struggling to learn properly, and this is not always their fault. Students need the help of both their teachers and their parents to learn and develop fully. Encouragement goes a long way in helping students feel confident in their abilities, which allows them to perform better.

Many students out there also find school to be a negative experience, and they are afraid of failing or being criticized in a negative way. This is where Class Dojo has come in to start helping on this kind of situation. They developed an educational platform based on greatly improving communication between all parties in school. This is to make school and class a more positive experience, and create a better mindset for students to learn at an optimal level. It is Class Dojo’s hope that they can improve schools communities across the globe with stronger communication and positive atmospheres.

Class Dojo launched their company and platform in 2011, and they have come a long way since then, achieving a high level of success with their app. Today, at least two thirds of all US schools are using Class Dojo. Along with their app, is a series of growth mindset videos designed to help teach key aspects for learning and achieving goals. Based on how they are received by the community, they will continue to make new videos.

The growth mindset behind Class Dojo is a way to help improve students ability to learn while in the classroom, along with increasing the communication between instructors, their students, and their parents, more active and positive environments can be created. The videos that Class Dojo produces are a series, and will continue based on the success of the company in the future. Over time, as more classrooms adopt Class Dojo, the atmosphere will transform into one that is engaging and confidence building.

What’s even better about Class Dojo’s platform is that it is completely free for all to use as well as very simple to figure out. To participate in the program, all one needs to do is ask for an invite from a teacher. That’s it, now every parent and teacher can stay connected and is able to check in on students progress at any time. A tool like this provides the necessary communication to help students improve their capability to learn in the school environment.

Makari Skin Whitening Cream Works For Everyone

Makari skin whitening cream is one of the best things that people can use when they are trying to take care of their skin. They are so used to having those different spots that are not very even, and they are trying to figure out how to make them even again. Makari does that pretty well because it will lighten skin until the darker spots are not there anymore. People usually try to hide these spots because there is no way to fix them, and they can figure out pretty quickly that it works.

Everyone has to stick to using the cream for as long as they can so that they can get results, but they also have to be sure that they are using it in the right places. They need to smooth the cream on around the skin, and they also have to make sure that they have covered the whole area. There is a lotion quality to Makari that will help people get the whitest skin they want, and it will help them make their skin feel a lot smoother than it was. It is a good treatment for skin, and it helps them lighten skin.

The lightened skin is going to look so much better because it has been chance to change color over time. It is a lot faster than trying to use other methods, and it has staying power because of the way that it works. This is a natural formula in Makari that will help anyone make their skin look better, and it is also possible for people to do right before the swimsuit season. They can change the way they look, and they can do it at home. Adding it to their plans for their skin care is a good choice, and it is easy to use.

WEN by Chaz Dean Converts More Women Every Day

The number of women who fall in love with the results of WEN hair by Chaz Dean grows every day. The WEN formula was specially designed to work on all different types of hair and work through a host of different issues to provide excellent results. WEN cleansing conditioners had so much hype in fact, that Emily McClure, a hairstylist and writer for Bustle Magazine, decided to try out the product herself to see if all the things people are saying the product could do was true.
Emily used the product over a period of a week and then published her review for her readers on Her review was full of before and after photos of what her hair looked like as well as specific information on how she used the product. As it turns out, the product worked great on her hair, which was a surprise to her after having so many failed attempts with other hair care products in the past. In her report, she was delighted to say Wen hair was a great product that she would be continuing to use it in the future and she recommend others give it a try.

The QVC advertised 5 in 1 formula that was used to created WEN cleansing conditioners was a long process, as Chaz Dean wanted to make sure it came out just right. Like he wanted, the formula in the product allows it to take the place of other hair care products, such as normal shampoos and conditioners that women may have, and even detanglers. Nothing special needs to be done for results, as WEN products are applied much the same as other conditioners and shampoos. Even then, the products come with a detailed guide on using them properly and in the right amount. Get notifications from Wen hair, like the official Facebook page.

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US Money Reserve Being Praised For Making Changes According To George Soros

When it comes to understanding finances, there are a lot of things that people look for. However, one of the best strategies that they can use is to simply find the best help possible. Organizations just like the US Money Reserve are able to not only help any investor to better understand what their risk tolerance levels should be, but they can also help when it comes to being able to actually implement that plan for investing as well.

That is why when current individuals are looking for an organization that can truly help to position them for the future, one of the top places making strides these days is the US Money Reserve. That is exactly why they are being praised currently.

One major individual who has been trying to convince everyone that this is now the time to look to the US Money Reserve and their policy on gold as an investment in general is George Soros.

Not only is George Soros an individual who has a wealth of information and contacts, but he has literally made his entire career by doing whatever it takes to position his entire portfolio in the most profitable but least risky position as possible. He has literally seen it before and he has acted on it time and time again as well.

That’s why when it comes to actually being able to get everything in order for the long haul it is George Soros’ opinion that investors should be running to the US Money Reserve to find the help that they need with purchasing gold and investing in what he thinks is the safest strategy.

According to, one of the most recent awards that the US Money has won was the Videographer Award, and while it is important and an honor to receive any sort of award, there is definitely a long list of awards that the US Money Reserve has already won.

As long as you can continue to think about what strategy makes the most sense for your specific portfolio and risk tolerance levels, then you should be in a position that will make you the most money and will give you the least amount of stress.

However, even if you need to go with your gut and instinct then you also need to remember there is a reason that both George Soros and the US Money Reserve are where they are and have the reputation that they have.

Brief Look at David Osio

David Osio, head of The Investment Committee Davos Financial Group, has lead the development of an application for mobile devices that will better help those involved in real estate, particularly Davos Real Estate Group, keep track of their business; the Davos CAP Calculator. The app allows users to track their investments and assets much more easily and accurately, providing an easier flow for their businesses. The app also keeps track of your portfolio, keeping it clean and organized for future clients to see. The app is free to download to most devices.

David Osio, CEO of Davos Financial Group, as well as the company’s founder, is a man who has used his strong leadership skills to bring about a company that has climbed high in both terms of income and location. The business can be found in offices in various areas around the world, including the United States, Switzerland and Portugal. David Osio’s business ideal helps a group of independently licensed companies to find ways to more flexibly cater to their clients around the world. David Osio’s business, Davos Financial Group, was built around the intent to help other businesses manage their finances. It is built up of many other companies, coming together to collaborate on ideas, as well as to find ways to better grow and better their overall company.

David Osio has also been looked to when growing concerns over Venezuela’s increasing debt arose. He offered details in a professional matter, having studied the workings of his home country’s economy for years. In an article discussing this debt with China, Osio mentions how Venezuela’s falling oil prices and fairly rigid economy, not to mention the inflexible politics, will cause the country to struggle more than those around them. However, David Osio has also offered some solutions to this problem. A few of these being “(…) increased gasoline, exchange rate adjustment, (and) security for foreign investment(…)” By this reasoning, Osio dictates that Venezuela should be able to expect a postponement by at least a year to Venezuela’s economic default. David Osio and those within his company all note that Venezuela’s government is, indeed, more than willing to pay off their massive debt.

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Brian Bonar Up For Prestigious Award

The world business is one that demands leaders. People who can demonstrate leadership skills are those who will flourish and do well. This is a concept that Brian Bonar certainly understands quite well. He knows how important it is to strive for excellence at all times. Bonar is the Chairman and the Chief Executive Officer of Dalrada Financial Corporation, one of the most respected companies in the United States. In this capacity, he has demonstrated time and again that he really cares about is customers and wants to push his team members to do their best.

Being Rewarded For Excellence

It is in recognition of this devotion to such goals and his willingness to put in extra time and help others that he has been named Cambridge Who’s Who® Executive of the Year. His award is in the field of finance, a field he has long adored. Those who watch the field know well that inclusion in the Registry is an honor in of itself.

However, those who watch the field also know that only four people are given this further honor. Two female members as well as two male members in each of the discipline will be named executives of the year by the organization and that’s it.

Special Honorees

The selection committee at Cambridge makes the choice to pick such special honorees based on certain criteria. Such criteria are determined well in advance. They typically include the honoree’s professional accomplishments n the field over a period of time.

They also include other aspects such as the honoree’s academic achievements and their obvious and demonstrated leadership abilities. This allows the committee members to adhere to a specific set of objective criteria. Many honorees are delighted to discover their work has been recognized and rewarded by such a highly prestigious organization.

Years Of Entrepreneurship

Bonar is a highly trained professional businessman with years of experience in the field. He earned a doctorate that allowed him to offer insights into the field that others may not quite see. In the last few years, he has chosen to turn his attention away from the world of academics and to the world of business.

In doing so, he has made a huge success of the world that is his today. His latest venture into the field of business and employee benefits has been quite successful, earning him the admiration of his peers.

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Securus Technologies’ New Automation System Receives Widespread Appreciation from the Corrections Industry

Securus Technologies has announced that its new Inmate Forms and Grievance app on ConnectUs will save corrections staff about 65 percent of the time they spend managing paper forms. It seems to me that this new automation system allows correctional facilities to come up with a set of easy to use applications that will render the need for paper forms redundant.

The company’s V.P. of Marketing and Strategy, Russell Roberts, said that Securus was highly committed to providing continuous technological features for its customers. He added that the company’s use of ConnectUs is a great example of how it is continuously modernizing its products to meet the needs and requirements of correctional facilities.

Getting Rid of Old Paper Forms

Before the implementation of technologies like ConnectUs, I noticed that correction facilities relied on paper forms for most of their record-keeping. This includes inmate medical records, grievances, sign up forms and handbook acceptance forms. Corrections officers had a hard time collecting, distributing, logging, responding, routing, filing, copying, storing and archiving forms.

With the implementation of the Inmate Forms and Grievance apps, correctional officers can save a lot of time otherwise spent filing and managing paper forms. Custom forms for all requests are easily created, managed and made available upon request. In addition, changing forms takes a matter of minutes since there is no printing involved.

This digital automation has made a big difference for all of Securus’ customers. The company processes and automates an average of 13.8 forms on a monthly basis per inmate. Automation saves corrections staff time that they use focusing on security and safety matters.

Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is a prison technology company that is located in Dallas, Texas. It provides technology that touches on civil and criminal justice to over 3,450 public safety agencies including correctional facilities and law enforcement agencies. Additionally, it serves more than 1.2 million inmates who are incarcerated across North America.

Choosing the right lip balm for you

There are many products to choose from when looking for the right lip balm. Evolutions of Smooth, or more commonly known as EOS, is an organic lip balm choice. EOS comes in eight rich flavors and has nourishing ingredients like jojoba oil, vitamin E, and Shea butter. Since EOS lip balm is organic you do not have to worry about any toxic chemicals polluting your body, just rich hydrating balm for smooth lips.

Eos [on] also comes in egg shaped containers that are easy to hold and apply. It also boasts trendy patterns and styles making your lip balm a fashion statement as well. Whether you just want an all-natural and organic choice, or just like supper smooth lips, make sure EOS lip balm is on your list. Check out their Linked In page for more info.

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Baby lips by Mabelline although not organic is another product to consider. It has a clean lemon scent and includes sunscreen. It can be worn alone or under lip-gloss or lipstick. It also moisturizes for up to eight hours after application.

Burt’s Bees is not organic, but does claim to be 100% natural, comes in seven flavors. You can also buy it in just bee’s wax. Making this lip balm a neutral choice for guys to consider that didn’t like fruity lips. It tends to be sold in packs of four and is more on the pricey side.


Lovaganza Announces New Celebration Dates

Lovaganza from Colin Hesterly on Vimeo.

Inspired by the past that brings on waves of nostalgia from the Wolrd’s Fairs, Lovaganza 2020 is gearing up for its next international celebration. This event is scheduled to take place from May to September of 2020, in eight different locations from all over the world. The locations for Lovaganza 2020 include America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and Oceania. The fourth-month celebration will end with a never before done Hands Across the World ceremony.

These celebrations will include many bedazzling and groundbreaking shows put on by many different cultures from all around the world. Plus there will be other attractions that range from motion pictures to immersive attractions to exhibitions and live events. The theme for every location of Lovaganza 2020 will be a Bohemian adventure.

This worldwide event was actually scheduled to take place in 2015. But the celebrations have been pushed back five years to make better use of many of the new entertainment technologies. Which means that they will be incorporating all these new cutting-edge concepts. Using these new concepts will help make Lovaganza 2020 become a better more immersive experience of different world cultures.

There will a Traveling Show, that will hit the road in 2017. This show will be used to help promote the 2020 celebrations, as well as spreading the word on what the Lovaganza mission is all about. The Traveling Show will also present a small sample of the cinematic glasses-free 3D immersive experience that has never before been seen. The unveiling of glasses-free 3D will then be followed by the release of three major motion pictures. The motion pictures will be debuted in the Lovaganza traveling pavilions for the new glass-less 3D. But do not worry the movies will also be released in standard 3D and 2D theaters on As an added bonus, the film trilogy will be viewed using the Immerscope screens. These screens are able to create a never before seen immersive cinematic experience. Footage of this film trilogy has already begun shooting in many countries across the world, which includes France, Spain, the United States, and will shortly start filming in Africa.

Lovaganza is split into two different structures; one is for profit and is called the Lovaganza Entertainment Franchise. This franchise is geared towards delivering entertainment on a global level. The second part is a non-profit that is called The Lovaganza Foundation. This foundation is used to create a positive impact that supports global initiatives all around the world.

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Great Success for Davos Real Estate Company

Recently, Davos Cap calculator was officially launched by Davos Real Estate Group one of the independent firms that makes up Davos Financial Group. This new mobile application aims at enabling clients estimate the levels of returns from their interested real estate investments. For the past six months, Gerard Gonzalez, who is the Davos REG executive director, has been teaming up with Tecknolution company on the development and design of Davos Cap Calculator. Tecknolution is the company which was started to help in the development of this useful tool. Clients of Davos REG are now in good position to estimate the amount of gains they should expect from an investment property by use of this innovative tool.

The main objective of Davos Real Estate Group is to help clients formulate clear investment strategies that are related to their expectations and needs besides combining regulatory frameworks with premium products.

Innovative New Mobile Application

Davos Cap Calculator is designed in a way to enable clienteles have a clear vision when buying a real estate property. Since this application has been developed using the latest technological platforms, clients can access its services either on android devices or iphones. With Davos Cap Calculator, a client is in good position to calculate the amount of rent on an investment project thus projecting compatible prices to their incomes. According to David Osio, this application will enable Davos REG offer proper financial guidelines to customers. Additionally, it will help increase functionalities of the firm in the area of real estate investment.

About David Osio

David Osio serves as the chief executive officer of Davos Financial Group which is an international financial group. Over two decades, this group has managed to build its reputation by providing comprehensive financial advice to clients. David Osio went to Catholic University Andres Bello a prestigious and leading university in LatinAmerica and managed to earn impressing grades.

In 1984, David joined MGO, a law firm in Caracas and it is here that he began his banking career. Here he majored in dealing with corporate customers such as Consolidated Bank and Ferro Corporation. Later on in 1993, he started his own business venture, Davos Financial Group and under his direction this firm has had tremendous growth. Within a short time frame, this firm has not only increased the level of its income generation but also expanded and strengthened its relationship worldwide. Mr. Osio has managed to create several independent and licensed firms in Miami, Geneva and New York among others.

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